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Monday, May 4, 2009
Posted by ZOMT

About a month ago, I had the most amazing stuffed zucchini flowers at Onde in Darlinghurst and have been wanting to try them myself since. Now, mine were hardly as divine as those ones but they were still very delicious.

The next step is now to go and ask them for the recipe! Which I will, because I will most definitely be going back there again for dinner; it was the best food I have eaten in Sydney since I have been here and I highly, highly recommend it.

I bought these beautiful zucchini flowers from Kings Cross Markets on Saturday morning and was quite excited about cooking them that night.

Anyway, I can't really include my own recipe in this post because it was such a rush to put this dinner together in the correct timing in my shoebox kitchen...and now a few days later I've forgotten anyway.

Basically though, use any stuffed zucchini flower recipe and serve on a pumpkin rissoni with asparagus stems. I shy away from totally frying things, mainly cause I can't bring myself to eat it after watching it cook in buckets of oil...so I settled for just filling the base with a thin layer of oil.

You can adjust this meal in a number of ways really, try different vegetables. The rissoni is perfect though because of it nice and light.


Chocolate Shavings said...

Those zucchini flowers look delicious, and I'm sure they were delicious too!

The Culinary Sherpas said...

You lucky girl! Very hard to get blossoms here in Tampa Florida.

A said...

I've never seen zucchini flowers before. I have to try and find them. Thank you for your post.

Zoe said...

Chocolate Shavings - not as delicious as Onde's though, so a challenge now!!

Culinary Sherpas - It isn't that easy to find zucchini flowers here either; just happened to stumble across these at the markets. I'm sure some local markets near you might have some :)
But yes we are very lucky with great produce in Sydney!

Joy the Baker said...

stuffed zucchini blossoms are easily one of my favorite foods. just lovely! bravo for making them yourself, i've yet to be that brave.

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