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Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Posted by ZOMT

The Kings Cross Food & Wine Festival was on this Sunday past. The weather managed to hold it together for the day, at least by the time we got there around lunch time. Sunny skies, crowds of people and food, food, food. Yum.

There was beautiful looking chocolate; which was a topic of 'too expensive' at $60 for 27 pieces. Which I agree, it is. However, $2.20 for ONE chocolate I would pay...I have more of an issue with the size of the box. If it is really good chocolate, then you don't need a lot.

There was kebab chefs. Really, what would the Cross festival be without a gourmet kebab stall? (Incomplete!)

There was the most amazing garlic prawns, squid and salt & pepper calamari which was wafting throughout the whole festival. Lots of people had this, so after checking everything out, we settled on the seafood. I'm pretty sure these guys would have made a billion ka-zillion dollars that Sunday. It was SO good, well worth the $15.

And there was dogs. Little Potts Point & Darlinghurst doggies. Under arms and under feet. It was all too much excitement for most though; like this little guy who just couldn't keep his eyes open.

After all that busy hustle and bustle we needed some good coffee. Where else but Toby's. The perfect end to a lovely, delicious day.

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