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Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Posted by ZOMT

Green Smoothie (2)

*click 'read more' to view video!*
*Featured on Thrive Healthy Living*

Just in case you have been living under a rock or have just discovered the online food blogging world...then I'm sure you would have come across The Green Smoothie once or twice...or fifty-two times before. Well, yes I am totally on the green band wagon and enjoy my vibrant coloured drink every day, sometimes twice a day.

So I thought I would share my typical green breakfast smoothie. Since they are pretty straightforward to make i.e. leafy greens + fruit + water + extras; and don't really require precise measurements or a recipe - I thought a green smoothie video would probably just do the trick!

I stopped drinking green smoothies on a daily basis for a few months recently for no particular reason (although it could be to do with my love of oats or porridge for breakfast,) but in the last few weeks have just gotten right back into it. It just makes me feel SO good and I have even replaced my normal oaty breakfast for a bright green banana smoothie. It is just the best energy boost and I am loving starting the day fresh and full of delicious fruit and vegetables.

Green Smoothie (3)

If you don't have a daily green smoothie, or have never tried one or have never heard of one, (?!) then I hope this encourages you to do so. For those just starting out (and this is how I began,) use a ratio of 60% fruit to 40% leafy greens. Bananas and baby spinach are the best tasting, but over time as your taste buds get used to it, you can increase the leafy green amount, start adding sprouts etc...

I also often add in a scoop of protein powder which is not raw or vegan or anything like that. It's pure whey protein which I'm sure is blasphemy in the green smoothie world, but that's my personal choice and to do with my own fitness goals. (You can get raw, vegan protein powders like Sun Warrior which I would like to use one day but it is simply too expensive for me at the moment.)
22/05/10 update: I now use Phyto Protein which is a pea protein isolate and has no additives or artificial sweeteners - my body is much happier on this now.

Green Smoothie (1)

I'd love to hear your own green smoothie recipes as I have not done a lot of experimenting still...

And for my mother who I hope is reading, no it doesn't require holding your nose to drink it!


Kristen's Raw said...

I love green smoothies! YUM!!!


Jane said...

Hi I am a huge greens smoothie fan-your blog has just popped up in my green smoothie google alerts!
I wrote about exactly this-the cooked oats breakfast etc vs the green smoothies yesterday on my blog. I am trying to get my sister to conver to having hers at breakfast rather than lunch-she' so attached to her oats etc

John Pilato said...

Oh mmmm mmmm yes! A fantastic way to start the day and there is something that is just so cleansing about it!

We will be covering a lot of green smoothie territory as this is definitely an area of interest...so many possibilities!

Keep in touch and feel free to visit us:

Robin Sampson said...

Love this post. Please feel free to share it with links to your site at http://greensmoothies.ning.com/

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