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Monday, May 10, 2010
Posted by ZOMT

RAW Carrot Cake (5)

I came across some beautiful, purple carrots at Harris Farm in Potts Point this morning...it was a bit of a detour on the way home from the market buying the cranberries for these cookies. In fact I had only dropped in to get some organic butter for the cookies but somehow (as usual) walked out with a bag full to the brim of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Purple Carrots (6)

I was most excited about my purple carrots as I had heard that they had double the nutritional value of the orange ones. I did a bit of research and it turns out that not only are the original carrot (orange being a genetic throwback,) they are little purple powerhouses! Compared to our common orange carrots, they have double the levels of beta-carotene and 28 times more anthocyanins which act to capture harmful free radicals in the body, slow blood clotting and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. They also taste just as delicious too!

I would love to get hold of the entire rainbow of carrot colours...

Anyway, I wanted to use my purple powerhouses in something delicious and healthy and have been meaning to try a raw carrot cake for some time now. I used a combination of purple carrots and their orange friend to get a beautiful depth of flavour and speckled colour throughout this delicious, moist cake. I was quite surprised with how much this tasted just like carrot cake too! It has all the right flavours, sweet carrots, walnuts, coconut and the lemon cashew frosting was simply divine. Bugs Bunny would be impressed!

RAW Carrot Cake (1)

I made this in a small 4 inch springform cake tin but if you wanted you could easily double, or triple the recipe. I found that the tiniest slice of this (an eighth) was plenty as the flavour was so spot on and it is really quite rich for me. In hindsight, I would perhaps try adding in some raw oats to get a more cakey texture...or I think you could possibly dehydrate it a bit too. Don't get me wrong, the moist denseness was a good attribute, but in trying to replicate 'cake' this is what I would try next time.

RAW Carrot Cake (2) with bugs

Raw Carrot Cake
serves 8 / approx. 121 calories per slice 
approx. macronutrient breakdown: 10g fat / 10g carbs / 2g protein
printable recipe 

140g carrots, purple & orange variety
1 medjool date
2 tbsp maple syrup (or agave/honey)
1/2 cup whole raw walnuts
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1 tsp cinnamon, ground
1/2 tsp allspice, ground
1/2 tsp ginger, ground

1/2 cup raw whole cashews
1 tbsp agave (or other sweetener)
2 tbsp lemon juice (or to taste)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1-3 tbsp water (or to desired consistency)

RAW Carrot Cake (3)

To make the cake dough:
Pulse the carrots in a food processor until finely chopped. Remove and set aside. (You will keep 1/2 cup of this to fold though the mixture later for some texture.)
Process walnuts, spices and coconut until finely chopped. Add medjool date and maple syrup and process until combined. Add the chopped carrots (keeping aside 1/2 cup,) and continue to process until dough is formed. Remove from processor and mix in remaining chopped carrots.

To make the icing: 
Clean the food processor and add the cashew nuts, vanilla, agave and lemon juice and process (scraping down sides as neccessary,) until it turns first into a smooth nut butter and then add water until you get a smooth icing consistency. I kept mine quite thick but you could continue to add water until it is able to be drizzled.

To assemble the cake:
Press half the cake dough into a baking paper lined springform cake tin. Smooth a little bit of the icing and then press the remaining dough on top. Allow to set in the refrigerator for a few hours before removing from cake tin. Smooth icing over top (or drizzle) and garnish with fresh lemon zest, chopped walnuts and coconut.

RAW Carrot Cake (4)

RAW Carrot Cake (7)


Jas. said...

wow this looks AMAZING!

I've heard of different colour carrots (bit like orange, white and purple potatoes) but have never been able to buy them anywhere from the nutrients they give I'm thinking I'll just grow my own.

Zoe Tattersall said...

Thanks Jas! I wish I had the space to grow my own carrots...I can't even keep potted herbs alive in my apartment!

Lauren said...

Carrot cake is my absolute favorite kind of cake, and this raw version sounds (and looks!) fantastic. I can't wait to try it!

M. said...

wow! very interesting and deliciously looking recipe :)

Marly said...

What incredible pictures! I have never tried a raw carrot cake. Sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

this looks amazing! a question for you-- i have a lot of carrots but no scale. approx. how many cups of carrots did you have in 140 grams?
thanks so much.

Zoe Tattersall said...

It was 1 1/2 cups of carrot once processed. Set aside 1/2 cup to add in at the end for the texture.
Hope this helps! Would love to hear how yours turns out too!

Rita said...

I made this for a client who only eats raw and they loved it! Super easy and a great result that is super presentable, thanks for the recipe

Zoe Tattersall said...

Hi Rita, glad the recipe was a success for you & that your client loved it! Raw food is something I still want to explore lots more so it is always fun when a recipe turns out well :)

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