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1. Who is ZOMT?
ZOMT is Zoe...me! I'm a 26 year old originally from Melbourne and living in the lovely Northern Beaches of Sydney. I moved to Sydney to work for a kitchen and small appliance company, Sunbeam as a product color & graphics designer...hence all my Sunbeam products in the kitchen. Currently, I'm taking a break from design and chilling out working at a an inner city corporate gym...which is fantastic as I can train every day...well ok every day twice a day - I swear I'm not addicted!
I'm a virgo. i.e. a total perfectionist. I like Sunday brunches. I love spinach in smoothies...every day preferably! I have 2 cats back in Melbourne and sadly no pets up in Sydney. I miss their softness. Dogs make me say 'oooh puppy!' in the street. I love to run, train hard at the gym and also enjoying swimming and yoga. ....and thank god since I love my food! I used to eat pretty much what I pleased, but I have cleaned up my lifestyle and nutrition a lot over the past few years - you can find out more about that on my other blog GET ZOMT. So here is where I post my more creative recipes and more of the delicious treats - I certainly do not eat like this on a daily basis for a number of health & fitness reasons.

2. Why ZOMT? What does it mean?

ZOMT comes from the letters of my first name (ZO), middle name (M) and last name (T)...a kind of nickname I guess. It doesn't really mean anything as such, although it enters the vocabulary or myself and others around me more and more. i.e. 'zomtity, zomtity ZOMT!' or 'I'll ZOMT you.'
Weird I know. First nickname that has ever stuck for me.
Really though, ZOMT has become a name for all things I love and am directing my life towards...food, health, nutrition, creativity, design, photography etc...

3. What sort of food does ZOMT like best?
uhhhhh ALL of it? Really, the only thing I have ever not enjoyed in oysters. Squishy sea water. Yuck.
I like food that is delicious, enjoyable to eat and presented beautifully; but doesn't make me feel horrible after. I try and cram in as much nutrition and healthy ingredients when I bake so that even if I'm having some fats and sugars, I am getting some good things too. I would rather a natural panela sugar over an artificial sweetener, real coffee over Nescafe and dark chocolate over milk, wholemeal flour over white. I love finding sneaky ways to make things healthier...it is all about balance and doing what make you feel good!
I've recently started exploring more and more into RAW foods, which really excites me and would like to one day try to be as raw as possible. My nutrition knowledge has come a long way from absolutely nothing to tracking my calories daily, understanding calorie expenditure, macro and micro nutrients as well as the amazing healing power of food. I now no longer track my calories but am so much more aware of portion sizes and using food not just for pleasure, but as a fuel for the body to function at it's optimum performance. See more on the nutrition page.

4.What does ZOMT do apart from blogging and eating?
Hmmm...tough question! (Why did I ask myself that?) Well, I am a Membership Consultant at a gym...which is different (to say the least) to my background as a designer. But it's a change for now and I am embracing it with lots of enthusiasm - besides I get to help people get healthy and fit! Gotta love that!
I also have my own business with a wholefood product call Juice Plus+. I love the product and the company are fantastic, never did I think I would do something like this; but it has been the best experience. Team JP are the fastest growing NSA business in Australia and it's very exciting to be a part of this massive movement. We specialise in developing business with fitness professionals and gyms...I love it so much and it will soon be earning me enough money so that I can eat, exercise and blog as much as I want! (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

updated 29th Sept 2011

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