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Sunday, December 11, 2011
Posted by ZOMT

choc chip macadamia cookie 06  

I really do think that Cadbury have sent me a bottomless box of chocolate...because this is the third recipe and I STILL have plenty left! I am pondering what to bake next...with Christmas just a few weeks away I am thinking some baked goodies for friends and family. Perhaps a chocolate gingerbread inspired treat?

choc chip macadamia cookie 12

choc chip macadamia cookie 11

Cookies are one of my favourite treats, especially chocolate chip ones. Whilst I don't really drink milk, I do enjoy A2 milk occasionally or almond/oat/rice milk...and really you can't go past a crunchy cookie with a glass of milk. Or a cup a tea as John prefers.

Sometimes I like my cookies with chocolate chunks in them, but the more traditional side of me likes the little uniform chips. You seem to always get the perfect amount of chocolate per bite that way. One of the best things about these Cadbury baking chips actually, is how well they keep their shape after baking.

Although I didn't eat any of these (I hoped some might be left...) because of my sugar free diet, they smelt amazing and John really enjoyed them with cups of tea. Packaged in boxes or tins, the macadamia chocolate combination lends perfectly to delightful Christmas gifts.

choc chip macadamia cookie 02

choc chip macadamia cookie 01

Cookie dough is just SO delicious looking...the temptation to stick a spoon in was high, but I instead stuck to my sugar free diet. Santa please note just how GOOD I have been this year!

choc chip macadamia cookie 10

I modified this recipe from one of Stone Soup's free ebooks from the talent Jules Clancy; which you can download for free on the blog. I have downloaded a few of her ebooks and just love them! They are beautifully laid out and the recipes are simple, fresh and use allow the whole food ingredients to shine. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is super simple again, I merely modified it to use organic spelt flour, reduced the sugar right down and use panela instead. Plus added in the macadamias because they always remind me of Christmas and just go so well with chocolate. I think Santa would enjoy one of these after a long night of delivering presents!

choc chip macadamia cookie 13

choc chip macadamia cookie 08

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies
225g organic spelt flour
1 tsp baking powder
125g organic butter
80g panela sugar
1 large egg
250g Cadbury Milk & Dark Baking Chips
100g macadamias, chopped

Preheat fan forced oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Line two trays with baking paper.
Beat butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add in the egg and continue to beat until well combined.
Sift the flour and baking powder over creamed butter, mix with a wooden spoon until just combined. Fold through the chocolate baking chips and macadamia nuts. Place teaspoon size balls onto the tray, ensuring space to spread. Bake for 13-16 minutes until lightly golden. Serve with a glass of ice cold milk!

choc chip macadamia cookie 07

choc chip macadamia cookie 05

choc chip macadamia cookie 04 


Peta Serras said...

Oh my god these look soooo good! I just bought a big bag of macadamias today too!

Simply Tia said...

If I leave these around for Santa, he won't get any. I'd keep going back to sneak and eat. I love that it's made with Cadbury chocolate because I find Cadbury products (the ones from the UK) to be very rich! I hope I can get my hands on some soon. Saving your recipe. They look and sound wonderful!

ZOMT said...

How GOOD are macadamias?!
Simply Tia - I haven't tried the UK Cadbury, I wonder if it is different? Let me know if you try the recipe :)

Sarah @ The Healthy Diva said...

Ok you're making me drool!!!! Your photographs are sensational!!! I love to cook and bake etc, but my photo skills are lacking. It's definitely one of my goals to improve on this year! Love your site :)

ZOMT said...

he he thanks Sarah! Just practice with the photography...believe me, my first photos were not great! (Have a look at some of the original posts on here.)
My one tip for food photography is natural lighting.

Angela said...

Just came across your site. Great photography and yummy looking treats! I just started a blog a couple ago, FabulouslySweet.com

Still in beginning stages, but it's getting there. I will definitely be trying these cookies out. I'm on a cookie kick lately. My fav's are white chocolate macadamia nuts, but these sound just as yummy! Thanks for sharing : )

ZOMT said...

Hi Angela! Thanks so much for your comment, I'm drooling over your website right now :)
Cookies are a good kick to be on I think too!

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