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Friday, September 16, 2011
Posted by ZOMT

Apple Almond Loaf 3

How I wish I could share the recipe with you for this Apple & Almond loaf cake that I made earlier this year. Not only did I just find the 'lost' photos whilst randomly sorting through computer files, but I have no idea where the recipe is from. Normally I print off or scribble down or at least bookmark a recipe when I have used it, but I cannot even find one similar to this. Maybe I made it up from scratch?

Apple Almond Loaf 4

Apple Almond Loaf 5

I do know that it tasted very nice though...and I know it was essentially an almond meal cake or bread (take your pick with how 'healthy' you want it to sound) with diced granny smith apples, spices and flaked almonds on top. It wasn't overly sweet, but a little dusted icing sugar just finished it off perfectly.

Apple Almond Loaf 1

Apple Almond Loaf 2

So because I feel horrible for putting tasty looking photos up but without a recipe, I have compiled a list of other similar recipes. Hopefully one of them may even be the one I used or modified!

Citrus & Candy

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Kathy said...

The photos are just beautiful!

What program do you use to add words onto your photos?


Zoe Tattersall said...

Hi Kathy! I just use Adobe Photoshop's text tool :)

myfudo said...

Fabulous! There's much bits of almonds which I will enjoy grinding with this great apple loaf.

Juls @ Juls' Kitchen said...

wonderful pictures: I'm in love with the texture of this cake, it calls the new season coming!
I'm bookmarking this, sounds perfect for the teatime with friends!

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