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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Posted by ZOMT

Apple Chips (6)

Last weekend we had the annual Juice Plus+ conference in Newcastle. It was inspiring, motivating and very exciting - so much new research coming out and lots of awesome news.

Anyway, we drove up to Newcastle with some of our team members and I wanted to bring some healthy, light (but totally delicious) snacks for the ride. Something made with fruit seemed highly appropriate (Juice Plus+ is simply fruits & veg in a capsule).

One of these was these snacks that I made was ridiculously easy and healthy apple chips. Whilst they take a few hours to dehydrate obviously, they are certainly not difficult to make...it's not even really a recipe! So that's even more reason for everybody to make these!

Next time I make these, I'm going to sprinkle them with cinnamon...just because I LOVE cinnamon.

Apple Chips (7)

Crispy Crunchy Raw Apple Chips
serves 4 / approx. calories per serve dependent on apple type

2 apples (I used Braeburn)
1/2 lemon

Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl of water. Use a mandoline to cut the apples into very thin slices, these were about 1-2mm thick. Or, use a sharp knife and practice your knife skills! (If you cut them thicker, they will require longer to dehydrate and will stay a bit more chewy.) Place them straight in the lemon water as you cut them. This prevents them discolouring and oxidising.

Arrange in single layers in your dehydrator and dehydrate until crisp and crunchy. If you don't have a dehydrator, you could set the oven to the lowest temperature and dry them that way...however I would watch them carefully so they don't burn.

Apple Chips (2)

Apple Chips (3)

Apple Chips (4)


Jacinda said...

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You need to read this and I hereby issue you this.

Tami said...

These images are diaphanous! So stunning! Never thought an apple could look so beautiful!

Zurin said...

these are just soo pretty. I wish I had a dehydrator...it cld make so many kinds of healthy chips. beautiful photos!

Jo said...

Absolutely amazing and I would love to try this out! Has to be in an oven though. Love the pictures .. so beautiful and clear.

wannafoodie said...

Honestly... wow. Your photos are just stunning and these apples sound to die for. Great great work!

(What kind of camera do you have??)

ZOMT said...

Jacinda - not sure what the relevance of the links are?
Tami - thank you! mother nature makes the most beautiful things :)
zurin - the dehydrator has been pretty handy, I am trying to use it more.
Jo - please let me know how they go in the oven, I think this would give them a lovely cripsy texture.
wannafoodie - thanks, they are pretty tasty. I have a Canon EOS400D with a cheap 50mm lens.

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