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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Posted by ZOMT

Lamb Cannellini Casserole (1)

Here in Sydney, we have been having some beautiful Autumn weather. Whilst I adore our hot steamy summers and everything it entails, especially fresh clean foods (and ice cream!); there is something to be said for those first wintery dishes as the thermostat drops.

The days are still sunny and mild, but as the sun drops down it is cool and the perfect time for more hearty and warm dishes. This Lamb & Cannellini bean casserole is a great way to embrace this and get out that slow cooker that gathered dust over summer! It's a meal in itself, but you can serve it with a bit of pasta or some crusty bread as well if you wish. Whilst it is filling, it is not a heavy or overly rich dish - the tomato sauce keeps it quite light and fresh.

Lamb Cannellini Casserole (2)

Lamb & Cannellini Bean Stew

serves 6 / approx. 232 calories per serve
approx. macronutrient breakdown: fat 6.9g / carbs 18.7g / protein 20.3g

500g diced lamb (shoulder is a good cut)
400g tinned diced tomatoes
2 x 400g tinned cannellini beans
2 brown onions, sliced
500g tomato passata
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 tsp dried thyme
2 small chilies, diced finely
250mls water (or more as needed)
1 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

In a pan, heat the olive oil and cook the sliced onion, garlic and chili until soft - about 5 mins. Remove from pan and add to the slow cooker (or casserole dish if cooking in oven.) Brown the lamb for a few minutes in the pan and then add to the slow cooker also. Add cannellini beans, tomatoes, passata, thyme and water as neccessary and mix around thoroughly. (You want the sauce fairly liquid at this stage as it will cook down.)
Slow cook for 5-6 hours until sauce has reduce and meat is tender.
Some other serving options: over mashed potatoes, rice, pasta or barley. Or just by itself with a slice of crusty bread!


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